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"Tolerance implies no lack of commitment to one's own beliefs.
Rather it condemns the oppression or persecution of others." -- John F. Kennedy

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Learning is fun and easy with the tools that ARAADR offers!

Electronic books (E-books) is offered through ARAADR website. There are several different categories to choose from. If you are looking for information on a book and need a resource, this is a great way to do it. You can click the link you desire and then type in the name of a book you need. Or you may also type in a general subject and get many different ideas. This is a great easy way to access information on the internet.

ARAADR web site offers many different options to help you look for what you need.
It is a very resourceful web site. Its such an easy way to get information with out taking so much time.

On ARAADR website you can access a translation page that changes your web page to a different language.
It takes different text from English and you are able to see it translated to whatever language you desire.

Raving about
A Roadmap to African American and Diversity Resources

Cuts the time to do a research paper on any subject especially history!
I used the University of Virginia e-books, I can find works that have been out-of-print for years for research on my latest book.
This has saved me trips to my university library, I don't need my ID number, it is free!
"I am a professional researcher and just found your site, it is a wonderful tool, thank you!
It simplifies my topic searches for all areas of research especially diversity!
I use the ready reference, electronic citation section to put my bibliography and paper in correct form.
I found everything I needed from a quote to facts on my topic, I use this database for all of my classes!
I am traveling now that I am retired, this is the site I used for my trip to Africa!
I am extremely impressed with the FBI reports!
So many things you get online are not what you want but these sources are excellent!
I am a non-traditional student with a full time job. Research has been a nightmare for me. Now I feel comfortable in searching!
I found very specific information on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I did not go anywhere else on the web!
I have told my students to bookmark this datebase it provides a remarkable bank of resource material to help them complete essays !
These web sites are resources of a library, they are quality, it is twice as good for me!
My second grader came home and showed me this web site and is using it with ease... much to my surprise!
On our family reunion bulletin I found this web site. I learned about health and history in Central America!
I am in 8th grade, I used this database, my teacher said my report was college material, I got an A!
A great resource for teacher lesson plans!
This is a wonderful database. Targeting famous Black Americans!

These are a few of the 2,537 connections to
A Roadmap to African American and Diversity Resources (ARAADR)
Over 2,930 quality links reviewed by scholars

African American Web Connection by William Richard Jones, CCP

Angelo State University- Porter Henderson Library

Black History and African American Resources, Hackley Public Library Muskegon, MI
Brandeis Libraries' Guide: African and Afro-American Studies
Brandeis University Libraries: Guide; African & Afro-American Studies
Charles C. Sherrod Library Research Guides: African American ...
Ethnic Resources - Waterloo/Cedar Falls Public Libraries
KCABJ -- Kansas City Association of Black Journalists
La Salle University: Selected Internet Resources
Learning Resource Center: Internet Resources Kellogg Community College, Michigan
Ramsey Library Research Guides, UNC, Ashville, N.C.
Red Bank Public Library New Jersey
Subjects List: Japanese/English
University of Kentucky: World-Wide African American Resources
University of South Alabama , African American Studies
Valdosta State University, Georgia: Odum Library
Workshop on African-American Resources at Tampa Bay Library Consortium (TBLC)
Youth Enrichment: Black History Tours (CEU workshop credit)



INFOSCOPE: Monthly newsletter of D.L. Cohen Information Services, News and tips for locating and managing information Portland, Oregon http://www.dcoheninfo.com
Resource-of-the-Month: A Roadmap to African -American Resources Ask a librarian where to find good quality web resources and she/he will say that places to look include collections of resources created by other librarians! One such resource is A Roadmap to African American Resources, created by Sherry DuPree of Santa Fe Community College. DuPree has been collecting African-American information since 1995 and the site reflects her commitment to creating a serious and comprehensive resource. January 2004


http://www.resourceshelf.com/ Gary Price, MLIS
A massive directory of over 2000 resources. Thursday, Dec. 18, 2003


Florida's Ask A Librarian, Search Online Reference Expert Entries
Search for Keywords, type American history: Entry Type = Shared-Statewide.

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